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A building block, a cultural biography of the landscape, and a craft.

The installation is like a treasure trove of sto- ries and discoveries: soil samples, minerals, fibers, earth blocks, maps, and stories - each element contributing to shape the imagina- tion of the Dutch landscape. This cabinet transcends its simple function as an archive; it is rather a vibrant book of material recipes and a biography of the landscape at the same time. Here, in this collection of stories and artifacts, the landscape is not only observed but also experienced, tasted, and understood at a deeper level. It is a tribute to the hidden beauty of nature and an invitation to discover the riches of the earth, piece by piece.

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How it Works
The installation is divided into three parts:

On top of the metal cabinet, a collection of 32 earth blocks with details about their origin and composition, each made from locally delved and collected materials, with a unique composition, and dried
by the wind. The size of the earth blocks, 90x140x290mm, refers to the size of a cloister-brick (kloostermop in Dutch). They represent the diversity of the Dutch soil and serve as a visual centerpiece of the installation.
In the top drawer of the cabinet, 16 clay shrinkage tests and an atlas, providing insights into the origins and characteristics of the soil samples. All locations
are presented in a condensed landscape biography, showing the connection be- tween sedimentation, natural processes, and human interventions with maps and short texts.
The remaining 4 drawers of the cabinet are filled with locally found material, arranged by location. It is a broad collection of samples, documenting the development of the earth blocks. In addition to the samples, these drawers contain QR codes that connect visitors to short video and audio clips via their phones, creating a more interactive and sensory experience.

Kijken in de grond is een initiatief van
studio Stephan Schagen +
CHRITH architects.

We zijn gevestigd in Zaandam.

Stephan Schagen |
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Thomas van Nus |
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